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Con tecnología, innovación y diseño Adidas aplica la nueva tecnología BOOST™ ahora disponible para el golf y diseñada para devolver la máxima energía de vuelta en la reacción con el mejor confort. La espuma BOOST™ comprime cientos de cápsulas de TPU (poliuretano termo plástico) imprimiendo toda la presión en el amortiguamiento. Los mejores zapatos creados por Adidas.

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Agunas especificaciones en Inglés:

Adidas Golf, an industry leader in innovation, technology and performance footwear, announced today that revolutionary
BOOST™ cushioning technology is now available in golf footwear for the first time, highlighted by the all-new adipower Boost
for both men and women. An industry-changing innovation, BOOST technology is designed to deliver maximum energy
return, responsiveness and unparalleled comfort.
Adidas’ innovative BOOST foam cushioning is comprised of thousands of TPU (Thermoplastic Polyurethane) energy
capsules fused together by way of a proprietary high pressure steam molding process. At their core, these capsules are the
essence of the innovation; its function, storing and releasing energy efficiently throughout the swing and delivering maximum
energy return as athletes perform.
While traditional EVA foam hardens and softens dramatically when temperatures fluctuate, BOOST foam retains consistent
cushioning and is incredibly responsive in both hot and cold conditions. Combined with a lace-in saddle, fitsleeve tongue
wrapping, external heel counter and a fitfoam ® PU sockliner, adipower Boost delivers a more precise, comfortable fit for all
golfers. Taking everything learned from BOOST technology’s remarkable success in running, basketball and baseball, designers

have created the most comfortable footwear in adidas Golf history.
For extraordinary performance, adidas Golf conducted extensive player testing and results from forceplate testing combined
with critical tour player feedback for more than a year, incorporating key learnings and utilizing revolutionary and tour-proven
gripmore® technology in the shoe’s construction. For the first time, adidas Golf has placed gripmore spikes of varying sizes,
strategically locating them on the outsole to deliver improved and more efficient traction and stability where it’s needed most
– the swingplane..

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