Set de Hierros Taylormade Uniflex Grafito SpeedBlade HL Grafito 4-PW,AW (8 Hierros) RH

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Set de Hierros Taylormade Speedblade HL grafito, palos del #4 al #9, pitching wedge PW y approach wedge AW para un total de 8 Unidades, varillas en grafito Speedblade Uniflex (Entre regular y Stiff) de tan solo 65 gramos, para jugador diestro. Tecnología Speed Pocket™. Los palos para cambiar en el jugador la naturaleza de aproximación, asegura bajar los golpes finales por mejor aproximación en cada tiro. Versión HL (High Launch) centro de gravedad mas bajo y alto despegue para mayor perdón.

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  • Para Hombre - Masculino
  • Derecha
  • Uniflex (entre Reg y Stiff)



Especificaciones en Inglés:

SpeedBlade irons take our Speed Pocket™  to the next level, giving golfers an instrument that will change the nature of their approach shots to help them hit more greens and shoot lower scores. SpeedBlade is radically differently than any other iron in terms of look, speed, launch, spin, feel, sound.

Visually, SpeedBlade irons are striking, combining a two-tone, satin nickel chrome plating with dark smoke satin ion plating (IP). Internally, the key performance feature that separates SpeedBlade from the pack is the Speed Pocket, a handle-bar shaped slot in the sole of the 3-7 irons that enables a large area of the face to flex and rebound at impact, resulting in faster ball speed, higher launch and better feel.

The Speed Pocket performs where golfers need it most. Our research indicates that 72% of shots by 5- to 25-handicappers are impacted below the center of the face, which typically results in low-launching shots of inconsistent distance. The Speed Pocket helps you launch those low-impact shots on a consistently higher, longer carrying and softer-landing flight.

The improved Speed Pocket has been widened and lengthened, giving golfers more face area toward the toe and heel that promotes a high launch angle, strong ball flight and a steep, quick stopping descent angle. The Speed Pocket also features a cut through slot internally, which allows for more flex and rebound on the bottom part of the face, making the SpeedBlade iron set the fastest face TaylorMade has ever created, measuring right up to USGA COR limit.

Critical to the performance and visual appeal of SpeedBlade irons is their progressive shaping throughout the set. The slender topline and sole in the short irons promote better workability, feel and control. The long irons feature a bigger topline to inspire confidence at address, and have each been optimized to promote phenomenal distance as well as fantastic feel and sound, thanks to the vibration-dampening qualities of the Speed Pocket polymer and multi-material badge.

TaylorMade engineers carefully managed the distance-gaps between each SpeedBlade iron by meticulously controlling loft, face thickness, CG location, shaft characteristics, club-length and, most importantly, the behavior of the Speed Pocket. The result is a complete iron set that delivers balanced and consistent gaps between every club. And as drivers, fairway woods and Rescue clubs have evolved to deliver more and more distance, TaylorMade engineers designed SpeedBlade to close the gap between the longest iron and the shortest metalwood in your bag.

Feature: New elongated Speed Pocket

Benefit: Faster face and more ball speed in the center, down low, toward the toe and toward the heel

Feature: Lowest CG of any TaylorMade distance iron

Benefit: Easy to launch on a high and strong flight

Feature: Individually engineered heads

Benefit: Optimized distance, trajectory, control, spin, feel and sound

Feature: Advanced head structure, Speed Pocket polymer and multi-material badge

Benefit: Absorbs unwanted vibration to promote fantastic sound and feel

Feature: Balanced distance gaps between each iron

Benefit: Every iron is valuable; closes gap between longest iron and lowest metalwood

Feature:Bending notch

Benefit:Easier to bend for loft and lie adjustments

TaylorMade’s new SpeedBlade irons are newly designed and all about
speed and rebound. The SpeedBlade’s innovative Speed Pocket deep slot
engineering behind the clubface allows the face to flex and rebound faster,
increasing your ball speed and launch angle to boost your distance
dramatically. The position of the slot low on the clubhead is an important
factor, says Brian Bazzel, TaylorMade’s director of iron, wedge and putter
development, who noted company research that showed 72 percent of iron
shots hit by five- to 25-handicappers are struck below the center of the
clubface, resulting in a low launch and loss of ball speed.
Compared to the RocketBladez, the speed pocket has been widened and
lengthened to provide a more effective area near the heel and toe areas.
The topline is also a bit thicker in the longer irons. While the SpeedBlade's
thicker toplines and wider soles should instill confidence for mid- and
high-handicap golfers, accomplished players will most notably benefit from
the technologies designed into the SpeedBlades.
The Speed Pocket gives SpeedBlade irons the fastest face of any
TaylorMade iron ever, creating a potent combination of ball speed, high
launch, long carry and steep descent that’s never been possible before.
You’ll hit shots you never thought you could -- higher, longer, closer to the

Low CG and added loft for higher trajectory
Each iron individually engineered to optimize distance and close the gap
between longest iron and shortest metalwood
Advanced sound management system for improved fee
Wedge specific head designs for optimal greenside performance
Dark, matte finish for reduced glare and sleek appearance




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