Hierro Híbrido Adams No 7 Grafito Regular Idea a12 OS RH

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Hierro híbrido #7 de 32 grados de loft, diseñado para golpear fácil, cara ultradelgada, perímetro compensado, perdonadores. Mejor perdón para los tiros fuera del centro, con menor rotación de la bola. Buen alcance y facilmente predecible para una gran precisión. Observe el video para verlo mejor.

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IDEA a12 OS Hybrid Irons…Maximum Forgiveness! The newest generation of the Idea family, the Idea a12 OS hybrid irons are built with ultra thin facesperimeter weighting and low center of gravity’s throughout the set. Adams is the only manufacturer to combine three different technologies in a set of hybrid/irons. They hold the patent. Hybrids. Hybrid/Irons. Irons. Ideal for those seeking more consistency and forgiveness. In fact, it’s the low center of gravity, particularly in the pure hybrid design of the #4, #5 and #6 that makes these clubs more effective than conventional irons at getting the ball up and out of the rough. The leading edge of a hybrid is just like an iron and just as effective at cutting through the rough while the wider sole allows for a lower center of gravity further from the face. The combination produces a higher launch than a conventional iron. Without the mass of a hybrid, in higher grass the hosel of a conventional iron is more likely to turn over at impact, resulting in a lower and off line or less accurate shot (unless swung by a skillful and powerful hand.) IDEA a12 OS Hybrid Iron Set features: Set includes: #4 Hybrid: 22A A* #5 Hybrid: 25A A* #6 Hybrid: 28AA* #7 thru PW (44A) A* GW (49A) Graphite shaft available in Senior, Regular or Stiff flex Graphite/Steel shaft available in Regular or Stiff flex Available in left- and right-hand Includes headcover Adams Golf…Driven By Innovation!

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