Hierro 6 ZURDO Callaway X-Hot Senior Grafito individual LH

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Hierro individual Callaway X-Hot #6 con bastón en grafito flex Senior para jugador zurdo o mano izquierda

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$ 369,310 impuestos inc.

  • Para Hombre - Masculino
  • Izquierda
  • Ligero, Soft o Senior (M o L)


Mens X Hot Irons Product Specs

NameLoftAvailabilityLengthLieSwing WeightGraphite Swing WeightSteel Swing Weight
318°RH / LH39.5"60°D0D2
420°RH / LH39.25"60.25°D0D2
523°RH / LH38.5"61°D0D2
626°RH / LH37.75"61.75°D0D2
730°RH / LH37"62.5°D0D2
834.5°RH / LH36.5"63°D0D2
939°RH / LH36"63.5°D0D2
PW44°RH / LH35.75"64°D1D2
AW49°RH / LH35.5"64°D1D2
SW54°RH / LH35.25"64°D3D4
LW59°RH / LH35"64°D3D4

Callaway X Hot Iron Graphite

ManufacturerFlexShaft WeightTorqueKickpoint
Callaway GolfLight (A)61.000-67.000midlow
Callaway GolfRegular72.000-79.000mid-lowmid
Callaway GolfStiff72.000-79.000lowmid

TT Speed Step 85 Steel (PTIP)

ManufacturerFlexShaft WeightTorqueKickpoint
True TemperRegular93lowlow
True TemperStiff94lowmid

2013 Golf Digest Hot List: Gold Medal

Product Overview (en Inglés)

“A lot of game-improvement clubs balloon the ball. These don’t.” - Golf Digest

The Standard in Distance

Speed Frame Face

The Speed Frame Face maximizes ball speeds all across the face for longer, more consistent distance. Technology borrowed from our drivers has actually been applied to these irons to produce the higher ball speeds and explosive distance that you’re looking for.

Deep Undercut Cavity

We took our industry leading deep undercut cavity and used it to create an iron that is a full club longer than any of our previous total performance irons. The deeper cavity is designed for higher ball speeds over a bigger part of the face.

Feel Management Technology

This technology fine tunes sound while also providing crisp, dynamic feel and playability.

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