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Set de hierros e híbridos Tour Edge BackDraft GT+
  • Set de hierros e híbridos Tour Edge BackDraft GT+
  • Set de hierros e híbridos Tour Edge BackDraft GT+
  • Set de hierros e híbridos Tour Edge BackDraft GT+

Set de hierros e híbridos Tour Edge (8 Palos) BackDraft GT+

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Set de hierros e híbridos con la gran calidad y buen precio de Tour Edge, compuesto de dos híbridos y seis hierros con la mejor tecnología de pegado, híbridos con acabado en blanco para mejor alineación e impacto certero, híbridos 3H y 4H y los hierros 5-9 y PW (8 Palos), Bastones en grafito para los híbridos y en acero para los hierros. 

Mano: Derecha
Set Hierros e Híbridos: 4H y 5H, 5-9 y PW (8 Palos)
Flex de Varilla: Regular (R)
Materiales disponibles de varillas: Hierros en acero híbridos en Grafito
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The beautiful Tour Edge Backdraft GT+ Combo Iron Set is golf's ultimate weapon that combines exceptional power, forgiveness, and feel.

The set features two easytohit hybrids and six forgiving irons. The hybrids make long approach shots easier thanks to their low centerofgravity and higher flight pattern. In addition, the hybrids' popular white finish increases the contrast between the club's leading edge and the ground. This highcontrast gives you the best possible visual presentation for accurate ball striking. The result you hit more shots on the sweet spot for long drives straight down the fairway.

The GT+ irons are investment cast and feature an undercut cavity. The channeled cavity produces a lower, deeper center of gravity for added forgiveness. Further increasing playability, the iron's perimeter weighting allows for a larger sweet spot and greater clubhead stability even on offcenter hits. The result you hit more shots on the sweet spot and land it closer to the pin for lower scores.

Additional features:
Set features two easytohit hybrids and six forgiving cavityback irons
3,4 Hybrid 5PW
Graphite Hybrids and Steel IronsHybrids feature white finish

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